Joseph Scheer

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Joseph Scheer
Director, Institute for Electronic Arts at Alfred University (IEA at AU)
Distinguished Professor of Print Media

Joseph Scheer is a Fulbright Scholar, Distinguished Professor of Print Media, and Co-Director/Founder of the Institute for Electronic Arts at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University, New York and the Dongshi Scholar Chair, Professor at Northeast China Normal University in Changchun China. He is Vice President of the International Academic Printmaking Alliance and is a Deputy Dean of the International Printmaking Institute of the newly formed International Printmaking Institute at CAFA in Beijing China.

His current works, which span print media, video, and web-based projects, use technology to re-examine nature through interpretive collecting and visual recording.
He has been invited to be a visiting artist lecturer over 80 times in locations spanning Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. There are two notable books published about his work: Night Visions, the Secret Designs of Moths Prestel and Night Flyers, Nexus Press. His work has been written about in over 150 books and periodicals.



Artistic Works


Cactus #1 Myrtillocactus geometrizans Tula


Cactus #2 Isolatocereus dumortieri Tula Turtle Shell


Cactus #3 Cholla Cactus Tula





Tricycle #4 Caochangdi Street Wangji 2 ply


Tricycle #5 Yantai Pier Wangji 2 ply



Tricycle #26 Refuse Station Changchun,



Tricycle #27 Tomatoes and Melons Beijing Neighborhood



Tricycle #28 Lunch Cart Xian


Tricycle #78-79 Vegetable Market Xian



Cactus #39 Garambullo Zapotitlan del Salanis Star 3 Ply grey_


Cactus #40 Echinocactus Platyacanthus Zapotitlan del Salanis Star 3 ply grey



Cactus #43 Echinocactus Platyacanthus Zapotitlan del Salanis Cloud Dragon


Cactus #45 Young Pascana Salta Argentina Heavy Hemp Xuan blue-green


Cactus #46 Saguaro Sonora Hemp Xuan yellow


Cactus #48 Tetechera Zapotitlan del Salanis Hemp Xuan salmon


Cactus #49 Tetechera Zapotitlan del Salanis Yuchen Natural Xuan salmon









Scheer_Joseph_Pachycereus weberi_2022




Scheer_Joseph_Pachycereus weberi-2_2022




Arctia caja manchuria


Callambulyx tatarinovi tatarinovi


Geometra glaucaria


Lymantria mathura ssp. aurora


Thyas juno


All 9 scrolls


Installation shot Burchfield Penny Museum