Work Collection|The Fourth IAPA Printmaking Biennale


In October 2016, the International Academic Printmaking Alliance (IAPA) initiated by Central Academy of Fine Arts was established in Beijing. It is a platform for the development of printmaking around the world and for the exchange of ideas with great significance to promote the understanding and integration of the studies on printmaking worldwide. The theme of this year's exhibition is "Tomorrow's Printmaking". It is about the development of printmaking in the post-pandemic era. The "2022 IAPA 4th Printmaking Biennale" is scheduled to be held in November 2022, and the related information about contributions wanted for the exhibition is hereby notified as follows: I. Organizers: Printmaking Art Committee of China Artists Association Central Academy of Fine Arts Yunnan Arts University International Printmaking Institute, Central Academy of Fine Arts International Academic Printmaking Alliance II. Co-organizers: Yunnan Arts University, China III. Academic Director: Su Xinping IV. Curators: Wang Huaxiang, Guo Jie, Zhou Jirong, Kong Liang, Kong Guoqiao V. Exhibition Date: November 5-25, 2022 VI. Exhibition Venue: Kunming Museum, Yunnan Province, China VII. Participation Rules 1. All nationalities can register to participate, and the submitted works must be original and created after 2020 (included) that have not been exhibited in the exhibitions of IAPA. There is no entry fee for this exhibition. 2. Artworks in the forms of woodblock printing, copperplate printing, lithography, screen-printing, digital printing, mono printing, collagraph, etc. are all allowed. There is no limit to the theme, style, and content. 3. Due to the pandemic, foreign artists will exhibit original-size digital reproductions. a. The size of the original work can be no longer than 120cm in length and width (not the size of the core). b. The selected works will all be exported and framed by the organizer, and the participants do not need to pay for this part of the cost. c. Each participant can only submit one digital work for the competition. 4. Online submission: The registration period is from July 10, 2022 to July 31, 2022 at 24:00 (Beijing time). Please go to the registration instruction page on the official website of the IAPA to submit your works during the registration period: 5. Notes for online registration: a. It is recommended to use Google or Firefox browsers. b. Please fill in your personal information (name, nationality, email address, awards and exhibition experiences) according to the steps on the website. Upload 1 complete picture and 1-4 detailed pictures of the artwork (the size of the picture cannot be less than 5 MB in jpg format). c. If there is any problem with the registration system, please contact our email: d. After the data is uploaded, the system will send a confirmation email to your email address. Should you find anything wrong with your registration information, you may correct it in the system within the registration period. e. Incomplete registration materials, incomplete registration procedures or overdue applications will not be accepted. 6. After the submitted works are evaluated, the selected works will be announced on the official website and the artists will be contacted by email. VIII. Each participant will receive a painting album. IX. The organizers have the right to exhibit, research, photograph, shoot, publish and publicize the exhibited works. X. All contributors shall be deemed to have confirmed and complied with the provisions of this Notice. Statement: All submitted information for this exhibition will only be used for the evaluation of this exhibition and will not be used for other purposes.


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