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The Path of Beauty

Hou Weiguo Solo Exhibition

2022.03.04 - 2022.04.05





HABITAT is pleased to announce its upcoming solo exhibition of the artist Hou Weiguo - “The Path of Beauty” which will open on March 4. The exhibition presents two series of works – “The Path of Beauty“ and “Philosophical Friendship”. “The Path of Beauty“ series revolves around a small island and demonstrates the themes of formation, development, civilization, war, destruction and re-creation of the island. The whole series of 11 works is made on one single copperplate, emphasizing that beauty covers every process of the creation cycle, and trying to represent the  Eastern concept of reincarnation by using the narrative conveyed by the painting language itself.

 Hou Weiguo
 The Path of Beauty - Chaos, 2013
 copper plate printmaking (limited edition)

 edition 1/12

55 x 75cm


 Hou Weiguo
  The Path of Beauty - Evil Spirits, 2013
  copper plate printmaking (limited edition)

 edition 1/12

55 x 75cm



The “Philosophical Friendship” series is the artist’s  latest experimental creation of digital printmaking. It combined the latest technologies of digital generation, laser engraving and robotic arm drawing, etc. and looked for a new printing method that maximizes tool efficiency. By revealing the revolutionary change brought by the development of science and technology to the printing media through handmaking, mechanics and digitality, the artist attempted to explore the ”aura” of the digital era.

 Hou Weiguo
  Philosophical Friendship, 2022
  digital printmaking
 edition 1/12
180 x 108cm


As the artist expressed, the content, form language and material techniques in the work of art are complementary and intertwined with one another, evolving and advancing in the process of crossing over. Beauty covers every stage. Let beauty say it all.


about the artist




 Hou Weiguo

Hou Weiguo, born in Shahe, Hebei Province in 1988, was admitted to Central Academy of Fine Arts for undergraduate study in 2009, and received a Doctor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2021. In 2019, he joined Beijing Artists Association as a member of Printmaking Art Committee, and in the same year, he visited Institute of Electronic Arts, Alfred University in America as a visiting scholar. Later on, he went to Japan for a study visit with the support of Wang Shikuo Scholarship. He also participated in the 58th Venice Biennale as a curatorial team member of China Pavilion. He is now an assistant professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

In recent years, the artistic creation of Hou Weiguo has revolved around printmaking and has expanded to many fields of art. The artist began to attract attention since his solo exhibition “Record of Horse Judgement: The 33rd Engraving Method of Hou Yiguo” in Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. In 2017, his innovative art of printmaking scraps attracted wide attention and won several awards. In the same year, his solo exhibition “Book of Disquiet” was held in Zhuzhong Art Museum in Beijing. In 2018, his monograph “Record of Horse Judgement: The 33rd Engraving Method of Hou Yiguo” was published by CITIC Press. In 2019, his work titled “Lean Horse No.1” was selected in the 13th National Art Exhibition and nominated for the Third Chinese Fine Art Awards. Based on the research of printmaking and inspired by Walter Benjamin, Hou Weiguo formed his own creation concept of “digital aura” in recent years by introducing the means of technology for images into artistic creation. He held his solo exhibition “Re-Aura” in 2020 in Song Art District. In 2021, Hou Weiguo's doctoral thesis “The Intellectuality of Printmaking” won the “Outstanding Paper Award” of The Central Academy of Fine Arts. Also, Hou Weiguo has been active in many contemporary art exhibitions. So far, he has held three important individual exhibitions in Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zhuzhong Art Museum and East zone of Beijing Song Art Museum. Hou Weiguo has formed his unique artistic outlook by combining artistic creation, exhibition practice, theoretical research and the boundary expansion of printmaking.






HABITAT was founded in 2021. The first floor and second floor of the space is a cafe designed by Japanese architect Shuhei AOYAMA, which can be used along with exhibitions and for VIP reception and other activities. The third floor is an exhibition hall dedicated to promote both Chinese and international contemporary artists. In addition, public art projects will be regularly planned on building exterior and the courtyard. We hope to build a bridge between art and other disciplines, open up new paths under the context of the contemporary art world and realize diversified and sustainable development in the field of art.





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