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Lecturer:Zadok Ben-David
Time:19:00,May. 10th.
Location:Tencent Conference 638 160 534





Lecturer:Zadok Ben-David





Artist Biograhy


Zadok Ben-David is an award-winning, London based artist, widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations and public artworks. Ben-David explores themes linked to human nature and evolution. His work is often referred to as poetic and magical, always oscillating between delicate miniature-work and monumental installations. Metalworking hasbecome Ben-David's preferredlanguage in contrast to the subtle optical illusions that he creates thanks to a sometimes-rough medium.

Ben-David represented his country lsrael at the Venice Biennale in 1988 and participated to numerous biennales worldwide. His works are exhibited in illustrious national museums and  art  galleries across Europe,  Australia,  America,  Central Asia and the Middle East.


Born in Bayhan,Yemen in 1949,Ben-David immigrated to lsrael the same year and graduated in Advanced Sculpture from St.Martin's School of Art, in London, where he taught from 1977-1982.




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2021 International Exchange Project,Printmaking Department,
School of Fine Arts,Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
《EXPANDED PRINT MAKING》Series of Cloud Lectures



Host: The School of Fine Arts of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Project Chief Planner: Jiao Xingtao
Project Director: Wang Tianxiang, Wei Jia
Project Planning: Zang Liang, Lisa Chang Lee

Academic Director: Lisa Chang Lee

Project Executive: Lan Jian, Li Yichen,Zhao Yijie , Niu Zhiying, Wang Baiyun

Visual Group: Chen Yingzhu, Zhang Xixi,Ren Jiling

Interpreter: Lisa Chang Lee