IAPA Lecture|Wang Lixin: Series of Lectures on Technology and Printmaking

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Editor's note: On September 24, 2021, the International Printmaking Research Institute of the Central Academy of Fine Arts held the third of a series of lectures on "Technology and Printmaking", "The Art and Marketing of Virtualization Technology". This was the third lecture in this series. The lecture would be given by Professor Wang Lixin of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and hosted by Professor Yang Hongwei of the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Professor Yang Hongwei hosted this lecture

The lecture scene


The content of the lecture closely centered on the course "The Art and Marketing of Virtualization Technology". Focusing on the three parts of marketing in the course, ‘technology redefines art’, ‘IT technology in the virtual world creates new digital intelligence art’, and ‘virtualization of artwork’.
Taking into account the epidemic prevention and control, and the audience who could not be present, the lectures were conducted in a combination of online and offline methods. Teachers and students of our school participated on-site, and other major art academies and universities participated in this event through Tencent conferences, including: China Academy of Art, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Arts University, LuXun Academy of Fine Art, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Jinling Art Museum, Shenzhen University, Hunan Changsha Normal University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Dalian University, Shenyang University, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, etc.


The lecture scene


In the lecture, Professor Wang Lixin introduced that every technological advancement will have a fundamental impact on production methods, lifestyles, and entertainment methods, including artistic creation methods and circulation and communication methods. The media carrier is deciding how to create and how to spread, which is subversive. There is an increasing integration between science and art.

The lecture scene

Professor Wang Lixin also talked about cutting-edge technology in the world of information civilization. For example, gene editing technology may replace the creator, virtual cyberspace may replace real space, and space technology can make human competition for resources get rid of the earth level and enter the space field, and so on. The five technologies he talked about: artificial intelligence technology, gene editing technology, satellite rocket technology, new material technology, new energy technology and, three major spaces: outer space, cyber virtual space and gene editing space. The relationship between the two is that the five major technologies support the three major spaces, which is the direction of future development.


The lecture scene


    Then Professor Wang Lixin introduced the art marketing under the virtual technology. First of all, he believes that as a kind of spiritual demand, artwork is virtual and has no practical value. Its sale depends entirely on the buyer's psychological value perception. Second, the unique original plate has the highest value, and all subsequent copies are much less valuable than the original plate. Only the first group of people who participated in the creation can get the most benefit, and the ones that have emerged one after another are just copies, which are meaningless.

    Wang Lixinjiao finally added that art under the influence of virtual technology is like beer. Fine beer must have foam in the early stage, but what we end up drinking is the essence of the bubble burst.

Students ask questions


The Introduction of the Invited Guest

  Wang Lixin, professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, a poet, a marketing planner in the field of communications and Internet, and the founder of "Lixin Talk" self media. He has served as a marketing consultant for CCTV, China Mobile, China Telecom, Wanda Group and other institutions.